First post

Hi This module is being delivered using WordPress for the first time in 2011/12.  Previously we’ve used Ning the social networking site.  However I wanted to try blogging, because you have your own personal space, as well as connections to the group.  I’m planning to use it throughout the first Understanding Elearning module.

If you blog already can I suggest that you still set up and use a wordpress for this particular module?

To help you get to know me, I’ve included below a picture of my dog, Charlie.  I also have 3 children aged 14-7.  I live in Manchester and am currently writing up my doctrate studies in use of web 2 tools by HE lecturers.

Charlie the Whippet

Charlie the Whippet


About Liz Bennett's Blog

I'm a Director of Teaching and Learning in the School of Education and University of Huddersfield
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2 Responses to First post

  1. marquan60 says:

    nice profile wish i had read this before i completed mine 🙂

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